When we moved into the area, we immediately began searching for a preschool for our younger son. Everyone we asked told us that CCNS was the best in the area and, after sending our son to CCNS, we can say that we completely agree! He absolutely loved the teachers and the class activities, and he couldn’t get enough of the fantastic playground! He always looked forward to Jingles & Jammies, Snores & S’mores and so many of the other special events held at CCNS. When he entered kindergarten, he was exceptionally prepared both academically and socially. As parents, we loved the cooperative aspect which allowed us to share so much of our son’s experience at CCNS. We felt a part of a caring, supportive community of families, and our son thrived in this environment. As an educator, I was impressed with the age-appropriate curriculum and the focus on play and social skills development. So many of the effective practices I studied during my teacher training were an integral part of the school day at CCNS. I am honored to now have the opportunity to be a part of this learning community as a teacher at CCNS, and it is amazing for me to see just how knowledgeable, caring and devoted my fellow staff members are. CCNS is truly a treasure – for the preschoolers as well as their families!

-The Kelly Family

We LOVE CCNS! From the very first time we stepped inside this preschool, we knew it was right for our daughter and son. It is everything you would want your child’s first educational experience to be … warm and nurturing with dedicated teachers and staff. The teachers interact with the kids in a way that clearly fosters their mission of hands-on creative learning through play. Both the preschool curriculum and the enrichment programs are both fun and stimulating, and include creative arts, cooking with kids, and science adventures. I can’t tell you how many wonderfully creative art projects we have! The size of the school and its cooperative spirit give CCNS a family feeling. It all adds up to one fantastic preschool experience, which has equipped our children to gracefully transition to kindergarten. We couldn’t have asked for a better first start to learning than CCNS! We highly recommend CCNS to all families looking for a family-oriented, loving preschool experience for their children!

-The Muller Family